What I do


Vision + Impact = Path Forward

I believe that my clients know what they want, are capable of achieving it, and need some guidance to get there.

Career coaching/branding:

Using my non-chronological storytelling approach to resume writing called the VIP Pillars™, we will revamp your resume/CV, cover letter and online presence (LinkedIn, portfolio, etc) to best spotlight your skills, experience, and accomplishments. We’ll craft a professional package designed to get hiring managers to notice you! My experience: 7+ years in the games industry, working with 700+ clients in entertainment, tech, and more on their career packages. 

  • Get clear on what hiring managers are looking for
  • Craft a resume/CV and cover letter that shows you are a fantastic candidate
  • Boost your confidence because you know your best work is on display
  • Increase callbacks and interviews
  • Resources for interview tips, salary negotiation, portfolio best practices 

Packages start at 3 hours for early career, with additional time needed for mid to late-career clients. 

Executive coaching:

Together we work on:

  • Defining big goals from a proactive place, instead of reactive 
  • Building projects and milestones for big goals 
  • Identifying obstacles and opportunities
  • Reframing personal and professional narratives – self-management, taking ownership of your strengths and dazzling brilliance 
  • Mitigating blind spots, internal criticism, getting you out of your own way  
  • Mind Mapping your goals 
  • Develop and refine leadership competencies
    • Executive communication
    • Strategic perspective – Creating vision and strategy, innovative thinking, guiding change
    • Execution – Achieving results
    • Collaboration – working across boundaries 
    • Influence – Mobilizing teams and partners 

Executive coaching begins at a 3-month commitment of 6 hours.

Interpersonal Design Coaching: We’ll design a coaching program that fits your needs. Maybe it’s a little bit of career coaching, self-leadership, accountability, life coaching – it will be what works for you. We’ll dive deep into your Values, what’s Important, and co-design what your Path is moving forward. 

Interpersonal Design coaching begins at a 3-month commitment of 6 hours.

I use a flexible pricing model to help as many people as I can.


Looking to inspire game devs,
students or educators? 

As a game developer that is also a standup comedian and international speaker, my workshops are engaging, insightful AND fun! I’ve taught kids as young as 8 to make their own games. 

Leadership & Professional Development 

Leaders that Listen
Creating Collaborative & Inclusive Teams
Resumes that Resonate with Recruiters
How to be an Amazing Mentor, Mentee

Game Dev

Ethical Game Design: Writing Games with Sensitive Subject Matter
Writing your first interactive story

Personal Development 

Living a Wholehearted Life with Joy
Setting Meaningful & Passionate Goals



15+ years as a speaker & standup comedian.

Select talks below.

Mentor Relationships: Getting Started as a Mentor/Mentee

Writing Resumes for the Games Industry

One Game at a Time: The First 5 Years of an Indie Studio

  • New Zealand GDC 9/19
  • GCAP (Game Connect Asia Pacific) 10/18
  • Poznan GIC 10/18
  • IGDA Games Leadership Summit 9/18
  • Jalloo Festival of Animation & Gaming 6/17 – KEYNOTE

Stories that Haunt and Heal: Serious subjects in game narrative / PTSD & Sexual Violence in Video Game Narrative

  • Berlin Games Week – Womenize 10/20
  • New Zealand GDC 9/19
  • Women in Games Boston 5/19
  • Game Developers’ Conference 3/19
  • PAX Australia 10/18
  • GCAP (Game Connect Asia Pacific) 10/18
  • Munich Talk & Dev 10/18
  • Grace Hopper Conference 9/18

Accidental Educators: What 10-year-olds taught us about our tech startup

  • PAX Australia 10/18
  • TEDx Collingwood 10/17
  • Women in Games Boston 4/17
  • Capital Gaming Expo 4/17

Storytelling in Games /Writing Interactive Narratives for Games

  • Power-Up Digital Games Conference 1/17
  • Women in Virtual Reality and Film (Brussels) 10/16
  • San Diego Comic-Con 7/16
  • Yeti-Con 6/16
  • Bouchercon 11/14
  • Bloody Words 6/14