Find Your Career Joy with Jean Leggett

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Clarity & Confidence

Transform your Vision into Results! 

Clarity around your journey – whether it’s as an entrepreneur or an employee – helps you better transform ideas into results. We’ll work together to develop clear messaging, strategies, and intentional, compassionate action. Are you ready to get results to: chart a path aligned with your desired Vision, Impact, and Purpose? To effectively chart your career, start up an indie game studio, or develop your own creative projects?

It’s hard work and a lot of people get stuck. I’ve been where you are and I can help you on your journey. 




What my clients say about me

Don’t take my word for it.

Jean has the unique skill of being able to see the best aspects of your professional experience and place them in an easy-to-understand context for busy HR staff and hiring managers to comprehend. But that alone is just a skill. What makes Jean truly special is that when you work with her, she becomes invested in you.

In a world of transactional experiences, having someone take a true interest in you is a rare find. And that’s what Jean is.

Evan Higgins

Narrative Designer

During my job hunting I found that I was performing poorly during interviews. Jean was able to help me turn around my attitudes and progress much further in job interviews – even to the stage of getting an offer.

Jean listened to my needs and helped me work out what my strengths were, then encouraged me to think of how previous work I’ve done demonstrates my strength. I was better prepared for interviews and concentrated on believing and listing my strengths. 

With Jean’s help I was able to get over my feelings of self-doubt and see myself as others see me. If you’re job hunting, having Jean in your corner will make the process easier and much more likely to succeed more quickly.

Jennifer Sandercock


Working with Jean to overhaul my resume and cover letter was an amazing experience, not just because I really love how my resume looks right now, but also because it gave me the confidence to put into words the highly valuable skills I had fostered at this point in my career – something that I struggled to define in a clear and concise manner before having her guidance. It has helped me really take ownership of the work that I’m doing and also gave me a fresh perspective on my growth as a professional game designer. I highly recommend booking her time and working with her!

Sabrina Tam

Game Designer

Connect. Focus. Thrive.

As an experienced and certified coach since 2008 and game dev since 2014, I empower my clients to connect to their biggest vision of themselves, to focus on what is important along the journey, and champion them so they can thrive no matter the obstacles ahead. 

You’ll have my commitment to approachable, fun, and non-judgmental coaching to show up for YOU, give you specific and useful guidance, and to be your biggest cheerleader. 

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