What I do

Mentoring & Coaching

Dive deeper into your dreams & take action!

One on one coaching means we’re connecting on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to identify your goals and action items. Using coaching methods, I’ll help you determine what’s REALLY important to you and help you stay motivated, focused and connected to your dream projects and aspirations. 

This can be a one time strategy session with quarterly check-ins, a set block of sessions or a designed plan for 6, 12, or 18 months for you to thrive!


Looking to inspire a group of game devs or educators? 

Drawing from my background as a coach, standup comedian and a game developer, my workshops are unique and engaging. 


  • Game Dev
    • Writing your first interactive story
    • Designing socially impactful games

Alongside Blair, my co-founder, we’ve helped storytellers as young as 8 years old take short stories and novels & transform them into story-based games. We’re currently working on an adaptation of a Charlaine Harris novel about an amateur sleuth coping with PTSD from sexual assault.


  • Leadership
    • How to be an Amazing Mentor
    • How to be an Amazing Mentee
  • Mindfulness
    • Living a Wholehearted Life with Joy
    • Setting Meaningful & Passionate Goals


15+ years as a speaker & standup comedian.

Select talks below.

One Game at a Time: The First 5 Years of an Indie Studio

  • New Zealand GDC 9/19
  • GCAP (Game Connect Asia Pacific) 10/18
  • Poznan GIC 10/18
  • IGDA Games Leadership Summit 9/18
  • Jalloo Festival of Animation & Gaming 6/17 – KEYNOTE

Stories that Haunt and Heal: Serious subjects in game narrative / PTSD & Sexual Violence in Video Game Narrative

  • New Zealand GDC 9/19
  • Women in Games Boston 5/19
  • Game Developers’ Conference 3/19
  • PAX Australia 10/18
  • GCAP (Game Connect Asia Pacific) 10/18
  • Munich Talk & Dev 10/18
  • Grace Hopper Conference 9/18

Accidental Educators: What 10-year-olds taught us about our tech startup

  • PAX Australia 10/18
  • TEDx Collingwood 10/17
  • Women in Games Boston 4/17
  • Capital Gaming Expo 4/17

Storytelling in Games /Writing Interactive Narratives for Games

  • Power-Up Digital Games Conference 1/17
  • Women in Virtual Reality and Film (Brussels) 10/16
  • San Diego Comic-Con 7/16
  • Yeti-Con 6/16
  • Bouchercon 11/14
  • Bloody Words 6/14