May 7, 2016


Looking for a dynamic, humorous speaker for your next event? Jean has delighted more than 12,000 people throughout North America speaking about entrepreneurship, joyful leadership as well as the science of joy and laughter. Her personal talks explore her identity as a hard-of-hearing person growing up in a deaf household and navigating identity within the hearing and deaf worlds. As a native signer, Jean delivers engaging content in both English and American Sign Language.


  • Betwixt: Navigating Identity as a Child of Deaf Adults

Being born hard-of-hearing into a deaf family (mom, dad & sister are deaf), Jean shares the journey of her childhood enriched in the deaf community, a family divided, and being bullied by both hearing and deaf people. She shares her perspective on politically-charged issues within the deaf community – being called an “audist” for wanting to communicate with both deaf and hearing viewers in her spoken/signed cooking videos, what it means to have Deaf heart and how deaf do you have to be to be a member of the community.

Watch clips from MoMondays: excerpt, excerpt, excerpt, excerpt

  • Leadership Lessons Learned from a Standup Comedian

Jean shares Leadership Lessons she learned as a standup comedian and professional coach. Life is full of hecklers, disgruntled audiences & opportunities to laugh at its challenges. What is to be aware of your timing, tone & impact on others? How do we demonstrate self-leadership? Jean teaches audiences these fundamental skills so that they can go and lead their teams better.

  • Health and Humour: What’s laughter got to do with it?

Drawing from her training as a certified Laughter Yoga leader, Jean talks about the health benefits of laughter and positive mindset. Did you know that we experience a multiplier effect when we laugh in a group setting? It’s kinda like a joy cocktail party! A team that laughs together, works together! This talk combines an educational component with a hands-on laughter yoga experience!

Highlights include: 

Games Industry Talks

  • Speaker, Capital Gaming Expo, Ottawa – What 10-year-olds taught us about our gaming startup
  • Panelist, Women in Virtual Reality and Film panel, Brussels, BE
  • Panelist, San Diego Comic-Con – Writing in the Computer Games Industry
  • Seminar, Yeti-Con – Writing Interactive Narratives, an Introduction

Keynotes, Seminars & Workshops

  • Keynote speaker, VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children Canada
  • Keynote speaker & workshop facilitator, Northern BC Children and Families Hearing Society
  • Guest speaker, Barrie Chamber of Commerce
  • Guest speaker, Lupus Ontario
  • Keynote, Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie
  • Regular Guest, Rogers’ Daytime Television
  • Guest speaker, Motivational Mondays (, Toronto, Montreal, Barrie, Guelph and Brampton
  • Guest speaker, Women With Vision
  • Guest speaker, Pampered Chef Canada National Conference
  • Workshop facilitator, Vancouver Coastal Health Well-Being Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Speaker, Canadian Deaf Women’s Conference
  • Speaker, Canadian Deaf Conference
  • Guest speaker, Small Business Connect
  • Guest speaker, CODA International