February 19, 2014

Rave Reviews

Jean was a keynote speaker for the 10th anniversary of Jalloo, the Atlantic Festival of Animation and Games. Jean was great! The audience hung onto her every word. Not only did she do a great job as a speaker but she also socialized with the audience afterwards and even changed her plans to be able to talk to a group of students who wanted to talk to her after.

I would have Jean back to speak again in a heartbeat!

Brian McGee, Organizer
Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games
June 2017

We invited Jean to speak to parents, educators and community support workers at our annual retreat in Prince George for the Northern BC Children and Families Hearing Society. Jean’s talks were very well received. One workshop explored learning how to give and receive acknowledgement, a skill that everyone can benefit from further developing, and her keynote “Betwixt” really resonated with parents who have experienced challenges and discrimination on behalf of their children. Jean is an inspiration, not only as a hard of hearing woman sharing her childhood stories and perspectives as an adult, but as a woman who is committed to creating a more inclusive community within the video game industry with her startup One More Story Games. We loved Jean and we know you will, too!

Tara G, President
Northern BC Children and Families Hearing Society
September 2016

Jean was the keynote speaker for our Annual 2016 VOICE for deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in Guelph, Ontario. Our audience of educators and parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing loved her talk, “Betwixt.” She shared her experiences growing up as a hard of hearing woman in a deaf family, keeping the audience engaged with her warmth, humour and depth. She shared powerful insights, best practices and words of wisdom for the parents and educators in the room. Additionally, Jean held a small seminar on Laughter Yoga with our youth that they thoroughly enjoyed. Jean is a masterful storyteller and keynote presenter. I would highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.

Mary Kay McCoy
Chairperson for Board of Directors
September 2016

Our speaker at our recent SWAN Quarterly meeting was none other than Jean Leggett. During Jean’s talk, she touched on one word, PRIDE. Each letter had its own meaning – Persistence, Resilience, Inspiration, Determination & Excellence. It touched on who you are, what you are about, what you want in your business, how not to stop during the roller coasters, how it is okay to have ups and downs. Be true to yourself, don’t stop when you get a no. I can honestly say I had several aha! moments while Jean was talking. It felt like she was speaking directly to me, no one else was in the room. It wasn’t until I looked around realizing there were 30+ women in the room. Jean’s talk was from the heart, it didn’t feel rehearsed and canned. It left me knowing what I wanted out of my new business and not stopping until it is reached. I cannot thank Jean enough for taking the time to speak to us and leaving us with one word. PRIDE!

Nicole Desipio-Toy, Barrie, ON

I had the opportunity to hear Jean speak about her software company One More Story Games and her entrepreneurial journey. I have known Jean for approximately 3 years and I have seen the time and work her and Blair have done. As a speaker, Jean is very motivating and inspirational! It is amazing seeing a company grow from the ground up! I am very excited to see what happens in your next chapter! It has been a pleasure to know you as a friend and an awesome business woman. You got this! Thanks for speaking at our recent SWAN meeting!

Ruth Werner, Barrie, ON

In just one hour, Jean had our staff group in a full roar of laughter. Jean’s humour is contagious and she reminded us of the importance of laughter, gratitude and self-compassion. Staff felt relaxed, nurtured and inspired. Thanks Jean!!

Karyn Baker MSW, RSW
Campus Mental Health Partnerships
Student Success Services, Georgian College, April 2016

The Barrie Community Health Centre had the privilege of having Jean attend our community event, The Healing Power of Laughter. The audience waited in anticipation for Jean and when she arrived and started to speak, they held on to her every word. Jean has this way about her, this ease, that allowed each and everyone in that room to be comfortable with who they are and why they were there, to laugh, to love and to let go for even just a moment. Jean’s witty sense of humour mixed with her intellect made for an authentic delivery of the tips and tricks she imparted with us all on how to find the elements of joy in our lives. Let me tell you, we all left the event that day with a lighter step, joy in our hearts and a collection of hugs to last a lifetime.

Thanks Jean for all the love and happiness you shared with our community!

Tabitha Petzoldt
Community Health Worker, Barrie Community Health Centre, February 2016

A big thank you again for being at our Valentine Social on Feb. 16th.  I am still hearing how much the ladies enjoyed you being there and sharing the joy.  I was so pleased to hear so many laughing ladies, they all participated.  It was wonderful.

Anne Marie Martyniuk
President Catholic Women’s League, St. Mary’s Parish Barrie, February 2016

– I really enjoyed Jean’s talk. She reminded me how to be grateful for the smallest things in my life and that doing something for others makes you happy!

– It was a special treat to attend a talk by Jean Leggett on bringing ‘joy’ back into our lives. With warmth and humour she reminded us that no matter how bleak things may seem, there is always something to laugh about and something to be grateful for.

– Meeting Jean was something I think I’ll always remember. Listening to her talk about her life and telling us about how she finds joy in the small things in life was truly inspirational. I admire her bravery too, because getting up in front of a group of strangers and talking about personal matters can’t be easy. Moreover, I love how she didn’t beat around the bush when it came to certain topics. She was open, funny, honest, and really down to earth. Plus, extra brownie points for being a fellow gamer and nerd. I wish her all the happiness, joy, and success with her company. Keep being you Jean and thank you for the hug.

– Jean was funny, she had me looking at day to day life differently and I’ll try to be more open-minded. It was good to learn about what she had to say and I will try to incorporate what she said into my life.

Clients of the Barrie Literacy Council, December 2015

I would like to thank you, Jean, for taking the time to speak at Generation Innovation, A Youth Entrepreneur Event at Georgian College. Your talk was engaging and inspirational. It was particularly special because you took the time to share some personal thoughts with us. You talked about successes and failures – which gave the students a realistic view of the road ahead. The talk was appropriately tailored to the youth in the room – it was a simple and clear message and everyone enjoyed it very much!

We appreciate you representing Meridian in this talk. It is an honour to work with you.

Jenn Dennis, Branch Manager, Meridian Credit Union, Essa Road Branch, December 2015

We were fortunate to have Jean Leggett emcee at the first annual ‘Shine 2015,’ a fundraiser in support of the Little Blue Schoolhouse for Autism and what a night! What an amazing lady! She was a superstar, guiding the show through the inevitable glitches and making the evening seamless.She engages the audience from the oldest to youngest and kept everyone in stitches and made the evening just a delight for all. Please, Jean, put us on your calendar for next year.

Cathy Wilkinson, Director, The Little Blue Schoolhouse for Autism, December 2015

Jean is a witty, eloquent and relatable speaker. She has a deep understanding what it is to be an entrepreneur and she shares it freely with others. She has indepth knowledge of the digital media and digital publishing sectors along with the related technologies.  She is a visionary and inspirational speaker. Jean never shies away from telling it like it is, and in the end you’re thankful she did. From crowdfunding to co-founding a tech company with a spouse, Jean will fill you in on all the details you need to know to do it too.

Emily Weindorfer, Experience Coordinator, ventureLAB, October 2015

The Wasaga Beach Women’s Business Association enjoyed having Jean Leggett attend our meeting as a speaker in June 2014. As business women, we balance many roles and Jean’s “Live like you’re 5 (years old)” was fabulous – she had us think about our lives from a different perspective. The group was engaged in Jean’s presentation and laughed along with her whimsical analogies and inspirational insights. It was a great evening!

Tanya Snell, President, Wasaga Beach Women’s Business Association, June 2014

Jean recently spoke to a Rotary Club meeting I attended.  After 40 years of Rotary speakers, I can say she easily falls into the top 10%.  Her remarks on laughter and joy are cutting edge with the newest findings in brain science and emotional balance.  She had the club laughing, nodding at her comments and focused on how to use the knowledge she brought when they left the meeting.  I can recommend her unequivocally as a speaker and a coach.

Doug Jernigan, DVM,
Helping Humans Create Relationships that Last

Jean spoke to a DECA club at a local Barrie high school where I work (as a Business Teacher). She began the presentation by talking a little bit about herself, common problems when public speaking, eye contact, and studies regarding oxytocin (the feel good hormone) levels – they rise when people shake hands. She then proceeded to guide us through a short session of laughter yoga which my students seemed to really enjoy. We are usually all business – what solutions can we come up with for a particular case study, SWOT analysis, promotional plans, how can we raise money for competitions, leadership opportunities etc. Jean injected a whole new dynamic into this group and after she left the energy had changed. The students seemed more relaxed and I felt a more cohesive group atmosphere. She brought us together in that short time span in a way I can’t really explain. The feedback I got from them was great. They said she was very “cool”… and that is impressive coming from a group of mostly grade 12 students. Thanks Jean!

Sandra Walker, Business Teacher Eastview Secondary School

Jean was our Guest Speaker and Comedian for our Christmas get-together at the Orillia Business Women’s Association in December 2013. She was so enthusiastic and funny up on stage it was such a pleasure to get up close & personal with Jean. She taught us the importance of Loving and appreciating ones self in order to give love to others. Laughing is therapeutic on so many levels. To laugh is to show joy in life. Everybody seeks the company of someone who is pleasant and joyful rather than miserable and negative!! All of us would rather than be in the presence of someone happy!! So set your timer on your cell phone to ring at a certain time, and no matter where you are or who you’re with “laugh out loud” or “give a little dance of joy” it is the most contagious and welcome thing to share We would have Jean back as a speaker anytime!!

Donna Howlett, President of the Orillia Business Women’s Association

If you want to get your business moving in a better direction, call on Jean Leggett to do some Joy & Laughter coaching with your staff. Although the science supports increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and better focus, you (and your staff) will benefit from the pure joy and laughter that Jean’s sessions bring. Highly recommended!

Patti Smith, Money Mindset Coach
Transform your money consciousness with MONEY BOOTCAMP SEMINARS

We had the privilege of having Jean Leggett as our Keynote Speaker for our charity event for the Barrie Shelter. Jean is fun, courageous, ambitious and full of love. Jean pours her heart and soul into all she does and better yet everyone she meets!  Jean is no stranger to adversity but handles it gracefully and overcomes with victory. Jean lives in possibility and get people to YES!

I am thrilled to call Jean my friend and consider her abilities to be astounding. I am so grateful for her contribution to our event she truly is one of a kind.

Julia Bussey, Empowered New Beginnings


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