December 30, 2013

JOY Bootcamp

JOY Bootcamp: 6 Weeks to Retrain your Body, Mind & Soul for more JOY!

JOY Bootcamp is about retraining and jump-starting your brain and life for more joy, gratitude and grace. You may think you have a “happy life” but is it a joyful life?

If you find yourself increasingly burned out, stressed out and unable to create meaningful time for yourself as you balancing all the demands of a career and/or a family, consider this six-week program to retrain your brain for more joy. J.O.Y. is the Journey of You.

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JOY Bootcamp Daily Regimen


Goals of JOY Bootcamp

  • Get clear on what is important to you so you can make more time for what matters
  • Understand what obstacles you’re putting in your own path and how to remove them
  • Practice mindful self-care and appreciation and develop lasting habits for positive mindset and joy
  • Accelerate your personal goals, unlock your hidden potential and tap into what really matters to you in life

What is included:

    • One private 60 minute Deep Discovery coaching session by phone or Skype (Week 1)
    • Five private 30 minute Strategy & Implementation coaching sessions by phone or Skype (weekly)
    • Six group 60 minute teleseminar classes on Thursday evenings at 8pm EST (with a local number available for North American clients)
      Topics: Body Wisdom & Resonance, Authenticity & Vulnerability, Attitude, Getting Unstuck, Perfectionism, Elements of JOY, Resilience, Gratitude


If this sounds like you, please contact me to discuss the program.



Jean is an amazing and consummate coach who has an infectious joie de vivre (French: joy of living). So easy to talk with, she makes you feel comfortable. She is very committed to helping people reach their goals with clear and concise plans of action. She doesn’t hesitate to share her tools with others in a real personal way.

Jean has helped me to make a career transition and to take empowered decisions.The huge benefit of JOY Bootcamp is that it has given me a clearer and a positive vision of my goals and of my inner values. In less than a couple of weeks with Jean, I had already achieved major changes. I cannot thank Jean enough for the wonderful insight, support, and belief in me!

Valérie M. – France


I really didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for JOY Bootcamp. The concept of ‘joy” has always been very vague to me. I’ve always thought: I’m happy, right? Well I have learned that happiness and joy are two very different things. Happiness is celebrated by the “stuff” of life where Joy is celebrated with true fulfillment and passion. 

Working with Jean has unlocked something inside of me that has been well hidden for a very long time, creativity and my artistic talent. I uncovered that my passion and motivation when I was younger came from a place of creativity and a passion for art. I turned it off about 10 years ago but the spark has been lit and it’s been steadily growing week after week. I’ve been able to apply the concept of creativity to all aspects of my life; coaching, working; physical health; my relationships. After 10 years, I finally feel like I don’t have to fight to get motivated in my business.

If you are looking to awaken your passions and find true fulfillment I recommend that you take this program NOW.

Thank you Jean, for your amazing talents as a coach and program facilitator. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Phalan Grof, Performance Coach, Rich Grof Performance Sales Coaching

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