June 30, 2013



Jean has been telling inappropriate Elmo jokes long before Elmo was being inappropriate. Her stand-up comedy career started in 2005 at Vancouver Community College, under the wise-cracking tutelage of David Granier. Since then she has performed for audiences large and small in Vancouver, San Francisco, Montreal and Barrie, regaling grumps with stories of her childhood as the only “hearing” person in her household until they cry with tears of laughter.

Humour is the great healer. It amazes me that a well crafted joke, or even a horrible one that bombs, can brighten someone’s day or take away their worries in the moment. There’s funny to be had around every corner. 

Jean has had a cooking series on YouTube where she cooks, signs and speaks simultaneously. She’s been known to have a beverage or two of the fermented persuasion and has been called the Julia Child for the Deaf by her  fan club. She is started writing a book of snarky haikus. There’s vampire haiku, why not snarky romance haikus?

Jean has performed in The Vagina Monologues and also organized several Free Hugs events, including #freehugsbarrie, an event with 14 huggers hugging over 2,000 strangers at Barrie’s Kempenfest Festival. She organized a flashmob of Christmas singers to raise awareness for Christmas Cheer Barrie.

Favourite spontaneous moments:
Blowing bubbles by herself in the middle of the public square in Whistler. Giving away hundreds of Free Hugs to strangers in Vancouver, Montreal and Barrie!

Free hugs, get your free hugs!

Valentine’s Day 2009, Vancouver Art Gallery

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