June 30, 2013


Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You arrive at the end of your workweek and wonder how you survived because you’re balancing your business, household and maintaining personal and professional relationships and you still haven’t taken time for yourself?
  • You are working hard at growing your business but struggle with working ON your business (big picture, planning, executing plans) and working IN your business (clients, service/product fulfilment) so you feel like you are not moving towards your vision.
  • It’s been so long since you’ve experienced real joy on a consistent basis that you’ve almost forgotten what it is like to bound out of bed, dance a little ditty or smile at passing strangers?

As the CEO of my own company and a travelling speaker/coach, I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with mountains of tasks. It happens to me, too. What works for me is a working with coaches and mentors – they help provide perspective, plans and keep me on track about what I’m passionate about.

I work with driven and focused clients who want to take their hobby attitude of entrepreneurship to a world domination attitude (or just super-duper awesome). I expect my clients to work hard, thrive in accountability and action, and most importantly, create a life that is full of joy and success as defined by YOU!

I currently have a wait-list for clients – if you are chomping at the bit and need coaching now, drop me a line via the contact page!

The clients that benefit most from me have these in common:

  • They are eager students and have a “do-your-homework” attitude. They also enjoy learning and have a willingness to fail fabulously. I’ll be pushing you out of your comfort zone, so a willingness to learn, fail and learn again is a must!
  • They enjoy a good laugh. A lot of what we do is, plain and simple, work. Humour makes life more fun.
  • They are willing to be honest with me and themselves. Coaching is about self-exploration, passion and action. When we know better, we do better.


A joyful and successful life awaits!

 Associate Certified Coach ICF

Certified Professional CoActive Coach


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