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About Jean

Jean Leggett is the CEO and co-founder of games & edtech startup One More Story Games. Alongside games veteran and husband of 23 years, Jean and Blair have developed a simplified publishing platform to help non-coding storytellers create and publish narrative games. Their vision is to re-engineer literacy through video games. They’ve raised over $500,000 since the company’s inception in 2013.

Jean received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Simon Fraser University, has been a certified professional coach since 2010, and has spoken to international audiences since 2005 as a motivational speaker, educator and stand-up comedian. She’s also the lead writer on a game adaptation of #1 NYT bestselling author Charlaine Harris’ Lily Bard series about a sexual trauma survivor dealing with PTSD while solving crimes. She is currently teaching Story, Quests and Missions at Sheridan College near Toronto, Canada.


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