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CEO. Speaker. Mentor.

Jean Leggett is the CEO and co-founder of games & edtech startup One More Story Games. Alongside her husband of 22+ years, Jean and Blair have developed a simplified publishing platform to help storytellers create and publish narrative games. They're setting out to re-engineer literacy by way of story games. In 2014, 2 years after Blair's near death experience, the Leggetts joined forces as the hacker and the hustler, raising over half a million dollars for their startup. They've created and published 7 games, signed #1 NYT bestselling author Charlaine Harris to adapt her serious mystery series (Lily Bard) and taught video game development camps and after school programs to local youth aged 8-16. Jean brings her background in standup comedy and mindfulness coaching to the company - as a champion for all stories to be told in games. Her keynotes include: the startup journey of OMSG, joy mindfulness and the experience as a hard of hearing child in a deaf family. Jean has spoken internationally, most recently in Munich, Poznan and Melbourne.

  • speaker

    Keynotes, seminars & workshops to over 16,000 people, delivered in ASL & English

  • mentor

    5+ years game dev, 13+ years speaking & comedy

  • Inspire

    Reaching people through TEDx, MoMondays, television, radio, magazines & podcasts


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