Level Up with Jean Leggett

Speaker, Coach, & CEO

You’re Ready!

Transform your Vision into Results!

Ideas don’t magically transform into results without strategy and purposed action. You’re ready to get the results you want – start/run your indie game studio, develop your own games projects, or chart your career path as a professional game developer.

But maybe you’re stuck… I can help. I’ve been there.

With one-on-one coaching, I can take you through business development, game development pipeline, and/or career coaching so that you’re well equipped for your journey.  




What my clients say about me

Don’t take my word for it.

Jean is an amazing and consummate coach who has an infectious joie de vivre (French: joy of living). So easy to talk with, she makes you feel comfortable. She is very committed to helping people reach their goals with clear and concise plans of action. She doesn’t hesitate to share her tools with others in a real personal way.

Jean has helped me to make a career transition and to take empowered decisions. Jean has given me a clear and positive vision of my goals and of my inner values. In less than a couple of weeks with Jean, I had already achieved major changes. I cannot thank Jean enough for the wonderful insight, support, and belief in me!

Valerie M

Game Dev Entrepreneur

Working with Jean has unlocked something inside of me that has been well hidden for a very long time, creativity and my artistic talent. I uncovered that my passion and motivation when I was younger came from a place of creativity and a passion for art. I turned it off about 10 years ago but the spark has been lit and it’s been steadily growing week after week. I’ve been able to apply the concept of creativity to all aspects of my life; coaching, working; physical health; my relationships. After 10 years, I finally feel like I don’t have to fight to get motivated in my business.

If you are looking to awaken your passions & find fulfillment, hire Jean NOW.

Phalan Grof

Performance Coach, Stoke Growth

Because of my work with Jean, I am at the professional level I am now. I did the work, but she was my personal cheerleader and coach that helped me get there. She brings forward a multitude of questions and focus, but she is genuinely interested in my success, and it makes me feel like if there’s no one else that gets what I’m trying to do – at least one person will. She challenges me to go outside my comfort zone by taking those safe steps so that I can really feel good about where I’m at and that I’m always moving forward in some way.

Chelsea Edwardson

Singer, Composer

Connect. Focus. Thrive.

As an experienced and certified coach since 2008 and game dev since 2014, I empower my clients to connect to their biggest vision of themselves, to focus on what is important along the journey, and champion them so they can thrive no matter the obstacles ahead. 

You’ll have my commitment to approachable, fun, and non-judgmental coaching to show up for YOU, give you specific and useful guidance, and to be your biggest cheerleader. 

Ready to Level Up?

If you’d like to know more about the work that I do to empower and transform the lives of my clients, drop me a line. 

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